A brand is embroidery.

The warp of a fabric is the threads running lengthwise.
It forms the background or framework.
The woof is the threads running across the warp.
Together they create cloth, structure, foundation.
Like the various departments of an organization.
Or the activities of a solopreneur.
They hold it together.
But cloth is a commodity.
It’s easy to create, and holds little value.
A brand is embroidery.
It’s an artistic rendering of the cloth.
One that adds beauty, meaning and stability.
And one that requires distinctive conception and production.
But there’s a big difference between the back and the front.
Everything is orderly and purposeful on the front.
The back is messy.
Purposeful, yes, but containing various tricks and shortcuts.
Do you want to get unstuck, to end your self-doubt? 
Stop comparing the back of your embroidery to everyone else’s front.
I’ll let you in on a little secret.
Everyone’s underside is a mess.
Sure, it’s integral to the design.
But it’s not displayed, and seldom acknowledged.
So accept your mess and create!
Your goal is to produce unique value from threads that are readily available to everyone.
Using as many tricks and shortcuts as you can.

Tom Asacker