A brand is not a separate thing.

A wise Rabbi once said, “If I am I because you are you. 
And you are you because I am I. 
Then I am not I and you are not you.”
We are not separate. 
We define each other.
We are fronts and backs of each other.
In order to describe a particular brand — what it is — you must describe its behavior — what it does. 
And to describe what it does, you must describe it in relationship to its audience and its audience’s behavior (customers, fans, members, et al). 
Which means that a brand is one, interdependent system of behavior, and not a separate thing.
What a brand is involves what the customer is. 
A brand doesn’t know what it is unless it knows what its customer is. 
In fact, we know what our organizations are (as brands) in terms of our customers. 
That’s why smart ones focus on strengthening relationships with actual customers, and not on the independent creation of content and attention.
Look, if you lean two sticks against each other, they stand up because they support each other.
Take one away and the other falls. 
So consider carefully whether your daily activities — your investment of scare resources — are propping up and supporting real and potential customers,
Or adding even more noise and confusion to their busy lives.

Tom Asacker