Are you an insider?

Business leaders are finally realizing that their most powerful assets are not their buildings, bank accounts, or even their technologies.
It’s their relationships with their audiences.
Relationships are about intention and attitude; shared interests, experimentation and growth.
But conventional wisdom resists attempts to develop a business concept, a “brand,” around an attitude.
“We need a defensible position. We need to own a space in the customer’s mind.”
Unfortunately, that’s why more than half of the businesses on the Fortune 500 list when I was in college are no longer in business.
They stuck to their knitting while their audiences moved on.
New and improved products and services will continue to appear at a mind-numbing rate.
You’ll never keep up as an outsider; by watching and reacting.
The future is about being an insider.
It’s about co-creating value with–and for–a passionate subculture of like-minded people.
It’s time to go deep and discover their hopes, dreams and concerns.
And lead them to new experiences and new possibilities, for their benefit and for yours.

Tom Asacker