Branding is simple.

Are you launching a new venture?
Perhaps you’re hoping to grow an existing one.
Either way, you’ll be immersed in branding.
Branding is a verb.
It’s a continuous, progressive process.
One that answers some very simple questions.
Who informs everything you’ll do.
Your perspective and intention.
Your look, feel, thoughts and behaviors.
Your vision of the future.
Who is your karma.
Because who you choose to focus on, will ultimately define who you become.
What is your laser focus.
Your passion.
Your unique point of view and expertise.
It’s your daring, meaningful and believable value proposition.
The one that attracts your who.
What is your why.
It gets you up in the morning.
How communicates your what, your passionate point of view.
How is the motivating language, stories and experiences you create and share.
How is your art and your voice.
It sets you apart from others who say they do what you do.
Successful branding is simple.
Who, what and how.
Yes, it requires nuance and subtlety.
But it’s simple nonetheless.
What’s hard is the focus, discipline and unwavering belief necessary to pull it off.

Tom Asacker