Desire is the ball.

Desire is what makes the economy hum.
It’s the name of the game.
Stop and look and you’ll experience the vibrant force of desire all around.
Neighbors mowing their lawns and washing their cars.
Girls and boys putting on makeup and splashing on body fragrance.
Children getting dressed for school.
Fans on their way to a ballgame.
Friends texting.
Citizens voting.
Entrepreneurs downloading software.
Families heading to prayer service.
Men and women browsing bookstore shelves, painting pictures, and tending gardens.
Desire is life.
Life is desire.
Lack of desire is clinically referred to as depression.
Prolonged lack of desire by the masses is also called depression . . . by economists.
Desire is what gives us a sense of purpose and hope.
Desire is what keeps us hungry, curious, and adventurous.
You are currently experiencing desire, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post.
Desire is also what fuels relationships.
My desire for meaning and attention keeps me hopping on airplanes and hunting and pecking at the keyboard of my MacBook.
I’m driven to help passionate people like you be the best they can be, for themselves and for others.
Your desire for understanding and solutions, for control over your chaotic environment, drove you here.
Our desire for achievement and identity, our hunger to stand out and to make a difference, is what keeps us connected.
My university degree is in economics.
Supply and demand.
Guns and butter.
X/Y plots.
The hard stuff.
Thinking about it now reminds me of something that George Bernard Shaw once quipped.
“If all the economists were laid end to end, they’d never reach a conclusion.”
I’ve reached a conclusion.
My informed intuition, rich through years of experience, confirms that demand is about the soft stuff.
It’s not the curve on a graph.
It’s the feeling in someone’s gut.
It’s not a trend.
It’s a hunger.
We are feeling, then thinking people.
Hearts, then minds.
We desire, all the time.
And reason is simply a tool to help us advance those desires.
Desire is what animates the marketplace.
Desire for control.
Desire for attention.
Desire for validation.
Desire for contribution.
Desire for excitement.
Desire for status.
Desire for growth.
Desire for belonging.
Desire is the stimulant.
Desire is the ball.
Please don’t take your eyes off of it.

Tom Asacker