Do you want to succeed?

Then don’t compete.
Think about the word “competition.”
It’s from the Latin “competere.”
It means “seeking or striving together.”
The competitive paradigm forces you to compare yourself to others.
To align your thinking and action with others.
Others who are like you.
And so inevitably, you begin focusing on the wrong things.
It’s like running a road race.
At the start of a race, you have a panoptic view.
You’re aware of everything and everyone.
But as the race progresses, you tend to focus narrowly.
On those few runners nearest to you.
Your “competitors.”
Instead of viewing your work from this classic competitive angle.
Try seeing it from a customer’s viewpoint.
This new view will make all the difference in the world.
To them, to you, to your people.
And, inevitably, to your bottom line.

Tom Asacker