Get lost!

It’s my sincere wish for you.
I hope you get lost.
I hope you escape the confines of your rationalizing mind.
Your memories, impressions and reactions to the known.
And you rediscover the magic of uncertainty.
Because uncertainty is the genesis of originality.
The known is your cage.
The known is a mental box that tells General Motors that people don’t desire cars any longer.
It’s an intellectual prison that keeps politicians posturing, instead of improving people’s lives.
It’s a hypnotic trance that assures us that what we think is the way things are.
Open a door to a different side of life.
Then feel the fear and walk through it.
Life is a creative banquet.
But most people are starving to death.
Because they don’t want to walk through the door of uncertainty.
And lose control of the known.
Everything they’re grasping onto.
Wealth, status, reputation, comfort.
Nachman of Breslov, also known as Rabbi Nachman, once said:
"Never ask directions from someone who knows the way, you risk not getting lost."
And if you don't get lost, you don't discover.
So let go and get lost.
You just may find yourself.

Note: If you need help getting lost, check this out.

Tom Asacker