Is your brand broken?

Two researchers once argued that rampant crime in a city is the inevitable result of disorder.
If a window is broken and left unrepaired, people walking by will conclude that no one cares.
And that no one is in charge. 
One unrepaired window is an invitation to break more windows.
And then lawlessness spreads outward.
From buildings to streets to entire communities.
The same thing happens with brands.
A broken brand is a business that has no idea where it’s going.
And therefore cannot align its activities nor inspire its people.
It’s in disorder.
And this disorder leads to people walking around concluding that no one cares.
And that no one is in charge.
Employees see problems and opportunities.
But they stop complaining and suggesting ideas.
They’re convinced management can’t do anything.
Or won’t.
This lawlessness ends up spreading from employee to employee.
And from employee to customer.
Before long, the organization is hardened with passionless team members.
Uninspired customers.
Accounting scandals.
Dilbertesque cynicism.
A vicious, and totally avoidable, downward spiral.
It’s time for leaders to end the lawlessness.
To put the brand back at the heart of the organization.
It will instill confidence and give people permission to act.
And prevent the disorderly behavior that inevitably breaks even the biggest and best intentioned brands.

Tom Asacker