Let it go.

There are boxes of notes stacked up in my office.
They’ve been taped closed for years.
I have portable hard drives loaded with data.
I’m pretty sure I’ll never access them.
Strangely, it all makes me feel secure.
The same thing happens with other aspects of our work.
We think that security consists in clinging onto what we’ve done.
And so we refuse to let go and move forward.
Last week I decided to update my website.
To throw everything out and move to a different platform.
But I became fearful.
My instinct for self-preservation kicked in.
What if someone is looking for one of my articles?
What if the new site doesn’t look or work as well?
What if people have linked to me and now can’t get to me?
Like an old sweater, I wanted to clutch what was familiar, what felt right.
It helped define and comfort me.
It gave me something to depend on.
It helped me... survive.
But at what cost?
At the expense of living.
Life is what we do, not what we’ve done.
It’s what we create, not what we’ve accumulated.
When you stop clinging, everything changes.
Your senses wake up.
You see a world rich in possibility.
One full of energy, excitement and learning.
Don’t cling to survive.
Let go and be alive.
You have nothing to lose but your past.
And everything to gain.
Your passion, your reputation, your life.
Stop holding on to yesterday.
Change is what you should depend on.
Because when you stop creating.
You cease to exist.

Tom Asacker