Speed is the enemy.

Speed is the enemy of quality.
Not necessarily of output.
Robots are fast and precise.
Rather of our attitude towards our work.
Of our intention.
Of caring, creativity and connection
Consider the sorry state of healthcare.
Just about everyone in “the system” is extremely busy.
Rushing through his or her work.
Doctors and nurses charge through their rounds and appointments.
Administrators hurry through phone calls and meetings.
Insurance providers push to be even more efficient with their procedures.
And no one can see the answers.
And that’s because no one is slowing down and contemplating the overall process.
Sure, the patient is living longer.
But at what expense?
The same is true with other businesses.
We can’t rethink what we see.
Because we’re committed to our way of seeing.
We can’t rediscover as we go.
Because we’re moving too quickly.
We value our present course of action.
This can’t be fixed by consultants, by outside observers.
Because it’s the people closest to the problem with the facility to discover the clues.
And uncover the real answers.
And, sadly, they’re just too damn busy.

Tom Asacker