The answers are not here.

It’s official.
The answer to every possible question about the marketplace is a click away.
And free to one and all.
The internet is choked with information and advice.
Who is doing what and why.
What works and what doesn’t.
Trends and predictions.
10 steps to this, 6 keys to that, how to, how not to, when to, whether to, and on and on and on.
Unfortunately, no one knows anything. 
So unless your mind is “strong enough to bear the weight of its ignorance,” filling your head with all of this noise will only confuse you.
Or confuse you more.
You can’t learn to play baseball by reading books and blogs about baseball.
And you can’t succeed in a rapidly evolving marketplace by choking down information about the marketplace.
You learn by being with the people you’re hoping to attract and serve.
You get insights by finding their feelings deep inside of yourself.
You succeed by crusading and experimenting for them.
If and when you find yourself confused, get out of your office.
Leave your store.
Step away from the factory.
Turn off your computer.
Heaven forbid, power off your cell phone.
Then saturate yourself and your ideas into their daily grind.
The answers are not here.
They’re out there.

Tom Asacker