The dynamic dance.

According to the genius poet John Keats,
“Nothing ever becomes real till experienced—
even a proverb is no proverb until your life has illustrated it.”
And the same holds true for models and theories.
You may think you know what you’re talking about.
But unless you’ve experienced it, it’s simply a belief.
An echo of others’ thinking.
This became clear to me on a recent trip to L.A.
I strolled off the plane, believing I knew how the marketplace works.
So much so, that I’ve written several books about it.
But during my trip, the marketplace became… real.
What was hidden from my logical mind, was revealed in the felt and flowing world of experience.
All of the component parts coalesced.
Artificial distinctions—like innovation, branding, sales and marketing—ceased to exist.
Let me try to describe it.
First and foremost is the IDEA.
Ideas are what impel desires.
Nothing happens without an idea.
But ideas are transient and impotent without CONNECTIONS.
Connections activate ideas.
And so you have to put your idea in someone’s path.
Where it can come to life through an infusion of ENERGY.
Energy that’s transmitted between human beings.
At the right time and with the right transference of meaning.
Feelings aroused by aesthetics, identities, and desires.
Which is the tangible manifestation of the idea.
And that manifestation is what turns the connection (and idea) into something greater.
But only if you’re willing to keep it energized.
By practicing IMPROV.
By letting go of control and encouraging the dynamic dance of desires.
Which flows directly back into… the idea.
And around and around it goes.
Where it stops, nobody knows.
The marketplace is a living system.
A constantly evolving creation that connects and energizes.
If you want to be a vital part of it.
You must be an enthusiastic participant.
In the wild, improvisational dance.

Tom Asacker