The yin and yang of brands.

There’s a yin and a yang of every brand.
The yin is the water and earth.
The substance of the offering.
The “value.”
The yang is the fire and air.
The theater.
How you bring that “value” to life in a vivid and compelling way.
If you’re stuck, if your growth is stalled, you either have a yin problem or a yang problem.
If your current customers rave about you but you’re not growing, then you have a yang imbalance.
It’s time to invest in the magic of your offering.
Bold and creative approaches to communicate and demonstrate your idea to more, like-minded people.
On the other hand, if customers view you as simply one of many options, it’s time to strengthen your yin.
To refocus your energy on the logic of your brand.
And weave in more distinctive value for your audience.
This yin-yang tension is real.
And it’s being felt by many as brands continue to get pushed and pulled by the liberated and empowered masses.
Don’t sit passively and let the tension rip you apart.
Do something.

Tom Asacker