There's your brand strategy!

In the book Human Motivation, Harvard psychology professor David McClelland points to three things that drive everyone.
Achievement, the desire to compete against increasingly challenging goals.
Affiliation, the desire to be liked and loved.
And power, the desire for influence and respect for oneself, and to empower others, to offer them influence and respect.
My research reveals three additional ones.
Aesthetics, the desire for sensory pleasure and stimulation.
Control, a sense of being in the driver’s seat.
And identity, advancement of our personal narrative and values.
So ask yourself, What are we doing to motivate people, to feed their hungers and desires?
Are we helping them achieve?
Are we feeding their hungers to be recognized, to be liked and loved?
Are we connecting them with like-minded people and empowering them to empower others?
Are we providing a beautiful, pleasurable, and engaging experience?
Are we providing a sense of control, full knowledge and participation?
Are we helping them feel good about themselves and their decisions in our presence?
Do we believe passionately in these pursuits?
Now, list precisely how you are uniquely going about it.
There’s your brand strategy.
As it so happens, it’s your leadership strategy as well.

Tom Asacker