What's next?

We’ve mastered quality.
Squeezed every drop out of efficiency.
Saturated the marketplace with innovation.
And we’re now employing advanced information and communication technologies.
Trying to reshape the very fabric of our marketplace concepts and relations.
We’ve been through economic growth stages driven by agriculture.
Followed by a boon through manufacturing.
And most recently information technology.
We have the seeds, plants, and processes.
Data, information and knowledge.
So what’s next?
What’s next are ideas and creative execution.
Ideas about how to bring products and services to life in meaningful ways.
Ways that benefit our employees, customers and our community. 
What’s next are ideas about how to add excitement and happiness to people’s lives.
Ideas about how to connect people and organizations.
What’s next are imaginative vision and inspired action.
Welcome to the idea economy.

Tom Asacker