Your brand identity.

I remember a Monday night football game a few years back.
The commentator was asked about a particular team’s problem finding its “identity.” 
Here’s how he sagaciously replied.
“You find out what works after the first few games, and that’s your identity.”
It’s the same with brands.
Your identity isn’t something that you dig up from your past.
It’s something that you create in the here and now! 
I think we forget.
Starbucks started as a local coffee bean roaster and retailer.
In fact, the owners of the original business rejected Howard Shultz’s suggestion to sell beverages.
Google was a bunch of techies with a strong aversion towards advertising.
Nokia started as a wood pulp mill.
Apple was a struggling niche personal computer maker.
Twitter started out as a side-project at a startup called Odeo.
Ours is an era of action, not talk.
We’re living in a marketplace driven by creativity and innovation.
You can’t find yourself in this chaotic, dynamic environment.
You can only create yourself.

Tom Asacker